Splendid Saturday!

We are working on some new content

and you can still go to Contact us and request content if you like.

Hoping you like what you se!

Starting in a few weeks I will be working full-time with this.

Until then I will just be taking it one step at a time.


Wishing you all a great day and all the best always!


Anna S Unique

Founder and owner of School of Abundance

I have decided to change the plan!

Yes, I have decided that I will add the content to each course and make it simple for you to access it all and use it as you see fit. I will not require you to enroll, submit anything, or show me how you have been doing, but if you like the course or if you would like me to change something in it I would be grateful if you tell me so by using the form that I will place on each page.

If you should require help mail will be free, but coaching in person will still be at a fee.

I hope this will be of interest to you and I hope that you will find this to be a good experience as well.

As I still have some really big commitments for another month, my time building the School of Abundance courses will be limited. I will be in here and I will add something most days anyway!

Today I will add some information to all courses like I have promised, but the change to add all the content will not be made for another month.

All the best to you always!

Anna S Unique

Founder and Owner of School of Abundance

Figured things out

Yaaaay! Today I have figured out how to record my screen on my iPad and iPhone.

Tomorrow I will make the tutorials that show you how I make my posters on Uniquely4U.

I will also make content for those who feel stuck and want to get unstuck and

I am posting the material needed to change your inner dialogue.

When I have done any of the above I will make a new blogg post so you can check it out.

Now I wish you all a great day and night and I will see you again tomorrow!

All the best to you always,

Anna S Unique

Founder and Owner of School of Abundance

I have added some tutorials

Now there are some tutorials on making posters on ipad, iphone, mac computer and PC for  you to check out if you like. Tomorrow I will continue finding more and making my own so you can see how I make the posters on Uniquely4U.

It has been a day of so much learning and I am happy to do this work! I have also seen fantastical new things today. I now have one more thing on my vision board. I have seen how Google has something called a tilt brush that is connected to Vive. Soooooo cool!

Anyway it is night here and I am off to sleep! See you all in the morning!

All the best to you always!

Anna S Unique

Founder and Owner of the School of Abundance

Tutorials will be posted today!

I am making video tutorials on using the ipad and the iphone to make posters today. These courses have been requested by a lot of people so I will do them first. Then I will move on to other things.

It is so great to be able to do this but I am also looking for more people who want to help.

Check this page out if you feel like you want to contribute to make the world a better place by offering education for free (but one on one or group coaching at a cost).

I am looking for teachers, tutorials and coaches! Are you the one?

What I offer you in return is to give you the credit for the work you do and to link to your official page and/or your Facebook.

All the best to you all!

Anna S Unique

Founder and Owner of the School of Abundance

Another day has come to an end!

It has been a better day than some of the ones that have passed. I haven’t made as much content but I have been social. I have been spending time with my daughter and made sure that she got what she needed before going off to her camp this weekend. She was so excited about spending three days with her friends away from home.

We also had a great conversation today when she opened up and talked to me in the way that I just dropped everything and took the time to listen and try to understand where she was coming from.

How often isn’t life just like that? How often do great things come to us when we least expect it? I have vowed to notice the world around me more than before and all at once it rewards me. It had me thinking about how much I had missed earlier.

I don’t believe in a stressful watch, just being alert is enough, just following those impulses that bring us closer to each other and lets us spread goodness and love all around us to the people we meet, those we love, and any random person.

If I get an inclination that I should bring a book, some clothes, or a bottle of water I will and then I recognize the moment when I see it. I brought extra socks and then I see this kid with no socks freezing in the middle of winter. Of course the socks were for him. If I see this really hot pregnant woman in the middle of summer I know that the bottle of water was for her. Thats how it works. Just as easy as that!

Actually it is a bit better because after the giving the wall between you and that random person usually crumbles and I have heard more life stories than I can count just by giving and then actively listening, coaching, helping. It is an awesome way of living – so exciting!

Sometimes the things you feel you should bring are for yourself! You are as worthy as any one else. You are so precious! So beautiful! So important that some of what you brought might just be for yourself! Enjoy it and go with the flow!

The reward is in the giving itself! Even the giving to yourself is reward enough. So right now I am going to give myself a good nights sleep and I will see you again tomorrow where the content to some of the courses will be posted for anyone to take part of!

Lots of love and light to you all!

Anna S Unique

Founder and Owner of School of Abundance

New courses added!

Today I have added the content of the following courses. You can check them out by clicking on the blue links.

Making posters

Recording movies

Using iMovie

Getting unstuck

Changing your Internal Dialogue

The content will be done by the end of the week.

So good night!

I will be here bright and early in the morning!

Anna S Unique

Founder and Owner of School of Abundance

Today is Terrific Tuesday!

Today I have completed two more courses so now we have three different courses that you can apply for.

  1. Changing your internal dialogue
  2. Getting unstuck (will be posted on thursday 5/5 2016)
  3. Using iMovie to create movies with pictures, film, text, and sound (will be posted on thursday 5/5 2016)


Use the form below if you want to take one or more of these courses. They are perfectly free except if you want personal guidance from me. In which case I will get back to you on the costs of private coaching.

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!

Anna S Unique – Founder and owner of School of Abundance

Do you want to contribute?

Today I am looking for people who want to help with tutorials on technical subjects. If you submit something you will get the credit and I will link your public page.

I would like to gather all the technical stuff in one place and make sure that people can come here to find out how to do everything they need to create the content they want on their pages or websites.

I want all these courses to be free and give everyone the tools needed to succeed!

Do you want to contribute?

Use the form below