I have decided to change the plan!

Yes, I have decided that I will add the content to each course and make it simple for you to access it all and use it as you see fit. I will not require you to enroll, submit anything, or show me how you have been doing, but if you like the course or if you would like me to change something in it I would be grateful if you tell me so by using the form that I will place on each page.

If you should require help mail will be free, but coaching in person will still be at a fee.

I hope this will be of interest to you and I hope that you will find this to be a good experience as well.

As I still have some really big commitments for another month, my time building the School of Abundance courses will be limited. I will be in here and I will add something most days anyway!

Today I will add some information to all courses like I have promised, but the change to add all the content will not be made for another month.

All the best to you always!

Anna S Unique

Founder and Owner of School of Abundance

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