Right now there are no finished courses for you to choose from … we are building the school from your unique needs. So if you want to get any specific course in Life skills then you can use the form at Contact Us and we will create that course for you.

As we start creating courses you will be able to choose from the list below:

  1. Changing your internal dialogue -The first 15 days of this course is posted the rest will be in there soon
  2. Getting unstuck The entire course is posted
  3. Using iMovie to create movies with pictures, film, text, and sound The course is now posted
  4. How to make money off your youtube videos It is posted
  5. Recording movies with an iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer  It is posted
  6. Making posters using a iPhone, iPad or Mac computer  some of it is already posted but you can make suggestions and ask for what you want by using the form.