Changing your Internal Dialogue

I have done this myself for 30 days and written about the experience here.

You will find the affirmations for day 1-15 here. 

Take one affirmation a day and focus on it, meditate on it, see where you are in relation to it. As you do that you can use a journal to keep track of the self realization that you will experience.

You can meditate on an affirmation more than one day if you want. As you can see in my written testimony from it, i did.

Reflecting on these affirmations will ultimately change your way of perceiving yourself and your place in the world, if you let it.

If this sounds like something that will serve you well, you can start meditating on the first one.

Meditation can be keeping it in mind as you do your daily chores, sitting down and really focusing on it and noticing what happens in your body, making the affirmation work for you and changing your ways accordingly. Maybe you want other affirmations because you realize that there is something else that you need. Feel free to use whatever affirmation that you want.

If you want me to make posters of your personal affirmations or if you want to tell me something about the course or your experience using the affirmations, I would be honored if you would use the form below and tell me about it.

Have a great time discovering new things about yourself!

Anna S Unique

Owner and Founder of School of Abundance