Right now we are offering courses for free, building them as we go, catering to your needs. So if you always wanted to learn more about how to be successful in life then this is your opportunity to get it for free.

This is how it works:

  • First you choose your area of interest and submit it in the contact form that you will find under Contact us
  • We will get back to you as soon as possible with a start date for your course
  • There will be a new lesson every other week
  • On monday you will get a video lecture and written material that you are to learn
  • On friday of the first week you will write an essay explaining what you have learned and submit it by the end of the day to get a response – you may use voice to text or make a video if you would rather do that than write.
  • On monday the second week you use the response we give you, go over the material again, and implement it into your life
  • On friday of the second week you will take a test and submit it for grading
  • On monday you will have a new lesson posted


Private Coaching – payed in advance

If you just want one half-hour coaching session: 140 USD

Four half-hour sessions or two sessions of one hour during one month: 550 USD

If you want to be coached longer periods of time: A discounted rate will be agreed upon

If you are interested in making a coaching agreement use the form below:



I take on two to four Pro Bono coaching sessions for people on disability most months.

If you want to apply for Pro Bono coaching click here